Rating Consumer Brands

Identify High Potential Brands Early in their Business Lifecycle
What we Do

 What we do…

Consumer Brand Rating

Identify and Prioritize High Potential Leads. The Embra Scoring Engine, Rates Brands based on their Potential. A Deep Learning Model to Identify Emerging Brands based on Forward Looking Metrics.

Embra Scoring Engine = Rubric

Lead Sourcing + Deal Flow

Engage with High Potential Brands Directly. Get Warm Introduction to Emerging Global Brands;

Our communities:

  • Embra 89
  • Embra Blue Book

Pipeline Management

Build a Frictionless Application Process for brands who want to reach you.

Automate your pipeline management.
White label Application forms, pipeline management analytics.

Brand Valuation

Traditional valuation methodology don’t work for Emerging brands.  We look at a Brand’s Growth Propensity, Customer Appeal Scores and Intervention Scores to value a Brands Potential. 

Brand Monitor

‘Watchlist’ targeted Brands.  Allocate resources towards high-reward, high-conversion deals (Movers) while simultaneously having a line of sight on negative trends, low-reward deals (Shakers).


Engage with our community of emerging brands from across the globe. Connect with other Investors, VC, Angels and thought leaders who are active in the DTC domain.

Emerging Brand Early Stage Brands (Pre seed)

Connecting the Dots

We use Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to understand propensity and create forward looking metrics. Our models agile and  continuously learning. Learn about CAIL (Continuous and Indefinite Learning) Models.

Hive Intelligence

The Power of Data and People

Casusation not Corellation 

Experience and Expertise

Global View

How We do it

Scoring Engine = Consumer Appeal Rating + Organic Scoring Engine + Optimization Engine

Consumer Appeal Rating

How customers perceive the Brand and the Products

Organic Propensity

GMS Growth Propensity + Selection Value

Optimization Opportunity

Resource Intervention score for marginal investment value

VC’s, PE’s, Angels, Amazon Aggregators, Accelerators, Incubators

Investors are using our Rating and Scoring Rubric to identify High Potential Brands, Manage and Optimize their pipelines and value brands

Startups and Founders

Build Investable brands.

Startups and Emerging Brands are using our services to optimize their Go-To-Market strategies, and Build Global Brands

Meet our team

Debrup Bhattacharya


Andrew Forestor


What our Clients have to say

We love data but the problem is there is too much of it. EmbraLabs help us to digest data.

Edgar Cohen

The cost of one failed investment is much higher than the cost of engaging EmbraLabs to help us prioritize our inbound pipeline. 

Hunter Collins

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We like to engage closely with a select clients who are engaged, invested and keep to collaborate. Client experience is non-scalable, high touch and personalized.