Identify High Potential Brands

Discover Emerging Consumer Startups from Across the Globe

Brand/Startup Valuation

Traditional Valuation methodologies don’t work for Early Stage Consumer Brands. Make data your unfair advantage.

Lead Generation & Deal flow

Engage with our community of  High Value Emerging Brands. The next superstar   Brand and Founders from across the globe.

Lead Prioratization

Use our Data Platform and Scoring Engine to prioritize your leads pipeline and identify High Potential Emerging Brands.

Lead & Pipeline Management

End to End White-label Lead management Service. From Application Mgmt. to Lead Gen. to Qualification to Reporting Intelligence

Brand Tracking & Real-Time Data

Watch list Brands you want to track. We will track their performance and Business KPI’s and report back to you monthly.

Rubric – Embra Rating Engine

Identify High Potential Brands Early in their Business Lifecycle. A Machine-Learning backed Brand Rating Engine that generates Forward-looking metrics to Rate Consumer Startups on future potential. Billions of data points connected via 1 Deep-Learning Neural Network to generate forward looking Brand Rating


Indexing Data across Platforms, Marketplaces & Sources


A Deep-Learning Neural Network


Identify Causation not Correlation

Journey’89 – The Community

Invite only Community of Angel Investors, Venture Partners, Industry Experts and Institutional Investors to engage with High-Value Emerging Brands (HVEB) from across the Globe.
Join other DTC investors who are building a Smart Capital ecosystem for Consumer Brands

Personal Introductions to HVEB Founders


Deal Flow and Co-Investment Opprtunities


Connect with our network of VC's, Angels and Partners


Brand Valuation

Historical Data and Traditional Valuation methodologies are not effective tools to Evaluate Emerging Brands.

Use the Rubric to Score, Rank & Identify Emerging Consumer Brands.


Make data your Unfair Advantage


Understand Causation, not Correlation

Lead Sourcing

Deal Flow

Engage with High Value Emerging Brands from 17 countries across 38 categories. From CPG brands to Gadgets to Home Improvement to Pet food brands.

We use our Rating engine to identify High Potential brands and invite them to join our community.

Find your next investment.


GLOBAL : DTC Consumer Brands from 17 Countries


High Value Emerging Brands = High Potential = Superstars of Tomorrow


Brand Tracking

Watch-list Brands. We will track and report back to you on their KPIs and business inputs. When they have the suitable traction and outputs you care about, you can reengage and invest.

Real Time data and Monthly reporting


26 Datapoints - Trailing 12 Months data and Ranking delta reported

Lead Management

Pipeline Management

End to End Pipeline management. Create friction less Application process, automate lead qualification and prioritization and build strong data and reporting processes.

Data is the foundation that drives the effectiveness of all Lead gen, efforts. Ask the right questions, build effectively segmentation strategies, proactively communicate with all leads and level up your Lead management.

Our white label lead management services will drive long term value.


GLOBAL : Consumer Bran from 7 Countries


High Value = Rockstars of tomorrow