about us

Our Journey

We believe that entrepreneurship is an inherent societal good and a powerful lever for progress and human achievement.

We believe in access to Knowledge, access to Resources, and access to Capital for every Entrepreneur who Dares to Dream.

We want to empower Entrepreneurs who are building businesses and products that are good for our health and the planet.

Democratize Entrepreneurship

The internet is the greatest level of access to entrepreneurship society has ever seen, enabling businesses in every possible niche globally. There is far too much focus on creating 1,000x outcomes and not nearly enough on leveraging the internet to empower entrepreneurs to build profitably sustainable businesses. We want to change that. Use Data Intelligence to identify Founders and Startups who are raising-the-bar and giving them access to Capital to build world class companies 

Our Approach

Culture – It’s about the people. We are passionate about building a company with a purpose. We are committed to their employees and raise the bar for the Community.

ConvictionWe understand E-commerce, and we are good with Data. We are proud of what we built.

Community – We are committed to building a place for every Entrepreneur to succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the number of successful entrepreneurs globally through Capital, Mentorship, and Community.

Our Vision

At Ingress Capital, we talk a lot about the need for “Funding for Makers” to help entrepreneurs build Stable and Profitable businesses.

Our philosophy is simple. We operate within our circle of competence. We only enable founders to expand their circle of competence.

Debrup Bhattacharya

Debrup Bhattacharya


I believe: Entrepreneurship is a calling.

I am: A data-jock
I want to: Meet other folks who are passionate about democratizing Entrepreneurships

Andrew Forster

Andrew Forster


I believe: Entrepreneurs are real life Rockstar

I am: Customer experience champion
I want to: Work hard, have fun and make an impact to society

I am a

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ake Data Your Unfair Advantage.
Indexing Consumer Data across Platforms, Marketplaces & Sources.
A Deep Learning Neural Network stitching this data to generate outputs.
The Rubric leveraging these outputs to Rate consumer Brands



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